Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver machines pre run and assembled?

Yes, all the equipment we supply we assemble at our warehouse in Bayswater, we install the inks, print heads and do the alignments and update the equipment to the latest firmware. Where possible we also program the IP address details and once we arrive the disruption to your day to day office environment is kept to a minimum.

Do you charge extra for this service?

No, as a Melbourne based supplier we include it in our purchase price, there may be a small charge for interstate customers.

Do you assist with networking and drivers etc.?

Yes , we will always help to get your equipment operating at its absolute best, there are lots of tips we have to make life easier for you.

If we have a problem who do we call?

Most customers call us if they encounter a problem, if we can’t fix it over the phone we can help diagnose the issue and either we can come and fix it or organise a repair from the manufacturer.

If we run out of something can you help us quickly?

Yes, our philosophy is you usually only have one wide format printer so you need it to work, sometimes customers run out of paper, toner or ink. We deliver daily across metro Melbourne and can have goods to you in a couple of hours. Our interstate customers are looked after on a next day basis.

Do you hold supplies in your own warehouse?

Yes, we are located in Bayswater and have a wide range of stock on the shelf.

Do you sell Australian made products where possible?

Yes, our paper is sourced from Australian Paper in Maryvale Victoria in mill reels specifically tested for wide format printers, we convert locally into rolls and supply Australia wide, our preference is to supply Australian made products where we can.

We have stairs at our office, will you bring the rolls up stairs?

Yes, we invested in a stair climber some years back to save the delivery drivers back, we can bring up to 170kg’s up 49 steps per minute placing the items where you would like them.

You sound like you know what you are doing?

With over 30 years’ experience supplying drawing offices Australia wide we have been at the forefront of the transition from drawing boards to pen plotters, inkjet plotters, Black and White LED printers and now high speed Colour LED printers.

Can you come to our office and consult with us as to what we need?

Yes, our preference is to have an onsite meeting to discuss your needs and wants and then to advise you on the best way forward, many of our customers have been doing this with us for over 30 years.

Do you guarantee the products you sell?

Absolutely, if you are unhappy with anything that we supply we will rectify it or refund it completely if a satisfactory outcome cannot be reached.