Plan Filing Clamps & Plan Holder Trolleys

Plan Filing Clamps & Trolleys

We offer a wide variety of plan clamps, paper clamps, plan rack holders and other plan holders, which are essential for your business and professional storage needs. 

Plan Paper offers high-quality Plan Clamps & Plan Holder Trolley's that represent excellent value for money when storing your blueprints & building plans.

  • A0, A1, A2 & B1 sizes available
  • Plan Trolley's have a 240kg load capacity
  • Chip & scratch-resistant to keep good looks for years
  • Quick release clamps for easy plan access
  • Vertical plan filing for excellent storage capacity 
  • Plastic inserts for clear labelling and reference to plans
  • Delivery available Australia wide
  • Our clamps are spring loaded for quick release making access to your plans much quicker and easier. The clamps simply slot easily from the top into the trolleys or wall bracket allowing storage of large volumes of plans without creasing or tearing them.

Our products are made of silver anodized aluminium with scratch-resistant powder-coated technology so you can expect them to last for a very long time.

In case you have your storage options and paper types sorted, but are looking for the right printer, check out our wide format inkjet printers, mfp laser printers and plotter printers for sale.

Plan Holder Trolley

We offer different trolley models such as

  • A0 Trolley 10- Clamp
  • A0 Trolley 20- Clamp
  • A1 Trolley 10- Clamp
  • A1 Trolley 20- Clamp

You can make clear labelling for your plans with the plastic insert provided. We offer our trolley with easy-to-use plan clamps for storing large volumes of plans and documents without causing damage. These trolleys are easily movable, so you can avoid the hassle of carrying them. You can have a lot of space by filing vertically, which is perfect for small workspaces and office floors.

Plan Clamps

Plan clamps or Paper clamps are an essential tool to store a large number of plans without any arm. The plastic insert makes clear labelling of your plans. With the vertical filing, you can get more storage and easy access to all the plans with less effort. We offer the plan clamps in boxes and individual pieces. We offer A2 Plan Clamp, A1 Plan Clamp, B1 Plan Clamp, and Anders A0 Plan Clamp

Wall Rack 10- Clamp

We offer the best quality plan rack holders. This is one of the best methods for filing drawings, saving your space. Our wall rack plan holder can hold up to 10 clamps. 

To complete your purchase, you may also like our tracing papers rolls and sheets which are one of our best selling products. Our tracing paper rolls, detail paper & butter paper are of high quality and the best choice for tracing, drafting, and overlay work. They can be stored easily in our plan rack holders and paper clamps.

If you’re looking for specific printer and plotter papers to store in your plan holders, take a look at our Coated Inkjet Papers & Bond Paper & Plotter Rolls.