Inkjet Pullup Banner Media

Water Resistant Polypropylene Film

Inkjet Banner Paper

Banner paper designed for inkjet printers is a specialised material crafted for creating long-format prints, typically used for banners, signs and large-format advertisements. This paper is made to accommodate the extended length and width required for such prints. Often available in rolls, banner paper comes in various sizes ranging from several feet to even longer dimensions. This allows for custom-sized banners.

Water-resistant polypropylene film, the material used in banner paper for inkjet printers, is durable and tear-resistant, ensuring that the prints withstand handling and outdoor conditions. It is coated to optimise ink absorption, allowing vivid and high-resolution printing while preventing smudging or bleeding of colours. Its water-resistant properties protect prints from moisture, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use while the film's durability ensures longevity making it ideal for long-lasting signage, displays and promotional materials.

Inkjet banner paper works with different ink types, including dye-based and pigment-based inks providing versatility in printing options. The paper's coating assists in retaining colour vibrancy and clarity, making it suitable for vibrant and eye-catching banners.

These papers are designed for compatibility with wide format inkjet printers equipped to handle large-format rolls. Users can create banners for various purposes, such as promotions, events, retail displays and outdoor signage, benefitting from the convenience and quality of inkjet printing technology to produce impactful and attention-grabbing visual materials.

We offer inkjet banners with 50mm core in three sizes:

  • 610mm rolls 50mm Core

  • 841mm rolls 50mm Core

  • 914mm rolls 50mm Core

Buy polypropylene film banner material for inkjet printers today for your professional printing projects!

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