Inkjet Coated Papers

Coated Inkjet Printer Papers Australia

Inkjet Coated Papers are specially designed sheets optimised for inkjet printers. These printing papers come with a special coating on one side to allow smudge-proof, clear and vivid printing without the danger of over-saturation.

Inkjet Coated Papers are a popular choice among professionals in the graphic design, photography, and marketing industries. One of the key features of Inkjet Coated Papers is their superior ability to absorb ink, resulting in sharp and vibrant prints. This ensures that images and text appear crisp and clear, making them ideal for producing high-quality marketing materials, brochures, and promotional collateral. The papers are designed to prevent printer inks from smudging or bleeding, to maintain the integrity of printed documents.

There are various types of Inkjet Coating Papers available for use since Inkjet Printers can cater to many different paper and texture types. There are some image printings that go best with textured paper [e.g. for fine art prints these coated inkjet papers can be an ideal option]. This includes glossy, matte, and satin, allowing marketers and designers to choose the perfect surface for their specific project.

The glossy finish provides a reflective, eye-catching appearance, making it suitable for attention-grabbing advertisements and product catalogues. On the other hand, the matte finish offers a more subdued and professional look, ideal for corporate reports and business presentations. Satin finishes strike a balance between the two, offering a slight sheen while reducing glare.

Another advantage of these papers is their compatibility with a wide range of inkjet printers, ensuring that businesses and creative professionals can achieve outstanding results regardless of their equipment. Whether you're using a desktop inkjet printer or a high-end commercial printer, Inkjet Coated Papers deliver consistent and reliable performance.

We have three types of inkjet papers available:

  • Matte Coated Inkjet Papers: Matte inkjet papers have a non-reflective surface, offering a sophisticated and professional appearance. They are favoured for presentations, business reports, and documents where readability is crucial without unwanted glare or reflections.

  • Inkjet Photo Paper: Specifically formulated for photo printing, these papers ensure the highest quality reproduction of photographs with realistic colours and fine details. This includes glossy and satin paper options.

  • Inkjet Banner paper: Banner Paper is a specialised material designed for creating retractable banners. It is a water resistant polypropylene film, coated to absorb ink, resulting in vivid graphics. This durable, flexible paper is perfect for portable marketing displays at events and exhibitions, offering high-quality, eye-catching visuals that can be easily rolled up for transportation and storage.

When you need your printed materials to leave a lasting impression, Inkjet Coated Papers are the dependable choice for you to consider. Buy inkjet coated papers for your professional printing projects today!

If you’re looking for more printing options consider our plotter rolls, and tracing paper. We also have pull up banner stands to complement your Inkjet banner printing.