Tracing Paper 100 Sheets 110GSM

Tracing Paper 100 Sheets 110GSM

From: $17.60

Tracing Paper Sheets

  • Size: A1, A2 A3, A4
  • Paper Format: Sheet
  • Pack: 100 Sheets
  • Paper Type: Tracing Paper
  • Paper Thickness: 110gsm

Take a look at our quality tracing paper sheets for your drawing and design needs. 

Tracing Sheets are thin and translucent pieces of paper that can be used to transfer sketches. With these 110gsm thick sheets, you can expect easy transfer properties. If you’re an architect, designer, artist or engineer, these sheets may be perfect for professional drafting and overlay work.

Our tracing sheets come in high-demand sizes including A1, A2, A3 tracing papers and even A4 tracing papers that can be used for both inkjet and laser printing. Our large sheets of tracing paper can be fit for wide format printing where needed, or simply just used for manual drawings.

That’s not all. These tracing sheets are sturdy enough to be embossed, laminated and glued. They are also versatile enough to be used for packaging purposes or in making envelopes.

Tracing Paper Features:

  • Will not discolour, yellow with age or become brittle
  • Superior sheet flatness and erasing properties
  • For tracing, drafting, overlay work
  • Can be inkjet and laser printed
  • Manual drawing / sketching with Indian ink, pencil, crayon & felt tip
  • Can be embossed, hot foil stamped, folded, laminated, glued/hot glued
  • Creation of extraordinary prints - offset, flexo, silk screen print
  • Can be used as envelopes and in packaging

Reach out to us today on any queries related to our Tracing Sheets or any other drawing or printer papers. We can help you buy the right papers for your professional office needs!

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