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HP T2600 Plotter Printer 36-in - 3 Year onsite Warranty
HP T2600 Plotter Printer 36-in - 3 Year onsite Warranty
HP T2600 Plotter Printer 36-in - 3 Year onsite Warranty
HP T2600 Plotter Printer 36-in - 3 Year onsite Warranty

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HP T2600 Plotter Printer 36-in - 3 Year onsite Warranty

HP DesignJet T2600 MFP Printer Plotter

Printer Output: Colour

Printer Technology: Inkjet

Brand: HP

Print media: Paper (plain), Gloss paper (photo)

Print media sizes: Up-to 36-inch wide paper rolls & paper sheets (available below under supplies)

Applications: Perfect for collaborative teams working together on projects. Print precise line drawings, coloured 3D renders, Maps, Presentations and high-quality images.

The MFP T2600 makes it easy to print/scan/copy and share to maximise workgroup productivity and enterprise security. This Dual-roll 36-inch, 6-ink integrated MFP is perfect for professional-quality CAD and GIS applications.

HP Designjet T2600 Plotter Overview

  • Option of 5ml or 3ml margins
  • Print Width: 914mm/36in print width
  • Super Fast printing: 21 seconds per A1 Printed Page
  • High Resolution: Up To 2400 x 2100 DPI resolution
  • Integrated Scanner: Up To 600 DPI resolution
  • Built-in Media stacker for neatly stacked prints
  • Effortless roll loading even from a seated position
  • Instantly share and manage content with scan to my network places, FTP address, USB Drive and even the cloud
  • HP ePrint and Share as standard, allowing you to print from anywhere including scanning and receiving documents.
  • Models : eMultifunction Printer & PostScript eMultifunction Printer

PROFESSIONAL: Your work in high quality, quickly

  • Enhance your workflow with ease by utilising this front-loading multifunction ePrinter with A0 capabilities. Effortlessly switch between two rolls and utilise the output stacking tray to efficiently organise and safeguard your drawings. Enjoy reliable scanning, copying, and printing from your mobile devices.
  • Experience a wide colour gamut, perfect for colour graphics, courtesy of the six Original HP inks.
  • Achieve utmost precision with Original HP grey and photo black inks, ensuring accurate line detailing, deep blacks, and authentic neutral greys.
  • Elevate the quality of your architectural prints with professional, high-resolution graphics by opting for Adobe PostScript.
  • Communicate your ideas with exceptional precision, producing plans, drawings, and maps with fine line quality and impressive 2400 dpi resolution.

PRODUCTIVE: Efficiencies help workgroups save time

  • Enjoy convenient access to a single control panel, enabling straightforward print/scan/copy operations for seamless do-it-yourself tasks.
  • Keep workgroups focused and productive with the integrated 50-page output stacking tray, ensuring flat and collated prints with utmost convenience.
  • Benefit from the flexibility of two rolls, featuring easy front loading and automatic alignment. The printer supports two media types/sizes and offers smart switching capabilities.
  • Print directly from your Apple or AndroidTM(1) smartphone/tablet, regardless of your location, with the convenience of HP Mobile Printing(2). This feature allows for effortless printing on-the-go.

MANAGEABLE: Secure and easy to manage for IT

  • Experience simplified management with this single, integrated device, reducing the effort required for upgrades and network integration(3).
  • Take charge of your printing operations by setting front panel access rules, monitoring media rolls, and tracking print job status, allowing you full control.
  • Safeguard your data with robust security options, including IPSec, NTLMv2, SNMPv3, 802.1X, PIN printing, and more(4).
  • Enjoy the convenience of unattended printing using two 100-metre bond rolls, seamlessly accommodating your work style.

Size and Style

The HP T2600 Plotter boasts a fresh and modern appearance, offering a 30 percent smaller footprint compared to its predecessor. Its compact and ergonomic design not only saves space but also allows users to position the machine conveniently close to the wall.

Two Roll, Front Loading

The HP Designjet T2600 offers a convenient two-roll front media loading system equipped with smart switching and automatic paper-roll alignment. With this feature, customers can effortlessly print projects that demand different media types and sizes without the need to manually change the rolls.


The T2600 plotter comes equipped with an integrated scanner, enabling users to scan documents, incorporate hand-annotated changes, and share sketches with team members. The integrated output stacking tray ensures organised and collated prints, facilitating efficient management of multiple projects. The printer also supports a wider range of media options, allowing for printing up to AO/E print sizes.

Print & Share

The HP T2600 plotter is equipped with HP ePrint and Share, a free web service that simplifies access, viewing, and printing of large-format documents. This service is compatible with Android or Apple tablets, smartphones, notebooks, and the ePrinter touch screen. Users can effortlessly scan and print from USB, email, and network folders. Additionally, sharing revisions and changes is made instant through scanning documents to the cloud, USB, email, FTP site, or HP ePrint and Share. Printing can also be accomplished using these methods. For added convenience, users can email projects for printing by attaching a PDF or other print-ready file to an email and sending it directly to the ePrinter's dedicated email address.

1. The HP Print Service Plugin app is available for AndroidTM mobile devices running Android v.4.4 or later. The app is free from Google Play.

2. Local printing requires mobile device and printer to be on the same network (usually WIFI access points bridge wireless to wired connections) or have a direct wireless connection. Wireless performance is dependent on the physical environment and distance from the access point. Wireless operations are compatible with 2.4 GHz operations only. Remote printing requires an Internet connection to an HP web-connected printer. Wireless broadband use requires separately purchased service contract for mobile devices. Check with the service provider for coverage and availability in your area. See for more details.

3. One integrated print/scan/copy multifunction device compared to separate print, scan, copy devices.

4. Optional security solutions include Secure Disk Erase (available for all models) and Encrypted HD (available only in specific models).




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